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Words to Grow By

(excerpt from Making Connections A Handbook of Cold Joins for Jewelers and Mixed Media Artists by Susan Lenart Kazmer)

Exploration came naturally to Susan, who grew up with four sisters whose hijinks were overseen by an understanding mom. Whether she built towers. heaved snowballs or rolled around in the snowy yard of her Chicago home, she was always free to dare as a child. As an artist, she explored dozens of media en route to becoming a multi-media jeweler.

“Looking back over a 20-year career, I remember a few key phrases that actually changed the direction of my life. During a beading class I took early early on in collage, I wanted to use an object that had a hole in it. My instructor said ‘If there is a hole, utilize it. Don’t let that be unintentional. Everything in your work has to be intended.’ I realized then that everything in my work should be utilized and that even negative space has to be intentional,” says Susan.

“My teacher at the Art Institute of Chicago used to say ‘Make each piece your own.’ Important advice I emphasize in my classes. If you paint right from the tube, you have what everybody else has, but if you mix your color that is your own. When I take a found object – a ruler or protractor, for example – and alter it in the slightest degree, I am making it different than what anyone can buy in the store, and I am making it my own.”

Take a peek at Susan’s Instagram blog. As an artist, she loves photo storytelling. Here’s a look of recent images. For more, follow Susan on Instagram at https;//instagram.com/SusanLenartKazmer 



Color and Resin!


ICE Resin is so crystal clear that many people think the ONLY way to use it is add an image to a bezel, mix up some resin and pour it in. While it’s true the clarity of our jeweler’s grade resin is unmatched, there is so much more you can do with it. Thanks to the addition of our brand new Susan Lenart Kazmer ICE Resin Tints produced by Ranger Ink, your resin projects can now be as colorful as you are. Highly pigmented alcohol inks, the new tints come in six gorgeous colors: Raw Ruby, Lolite, Yarrow, Beryl, Hacienda and Ancient Root. Each tint lends lush, translucent and vibrant color to your ICE Resin jewelry and mixed media projects.

Please join us these next few weeks while our amazing 2016 Design Team artists put their creativity to the test. We challenged them to put on their thinking caps to see what they could create for you with A Hint of Tint.

Check in each Tuesday for an amazing project filled with techniques you can use in your own art. Then come back on Thursday for a little video where our team member talks about how she was inspired by all the ways to use the new tints. In addition to weekly inspiration, be sure to subscribe to the ICE Resin blog and join us to see what new things our tribe is doing. This includes a few surprises from ICE Resin Creative Director (aka our fearless leader) Susan Lenart Kazmer as well as Director of Education Jen Cushman.



Creating Crystal-Like Flowers with ICE Resin®


Hello everyone!  Heidi Blankenship, here.  Today, I have a technique to share with you using ICE Resin®, Iced EnamelsTM, glitter, Ranger Perfect Pearls, and various types of paper from vintage sheet music to paper flowers. I have to say I just love the look of ICE Resin® on paper! It doesn’t matter if it is vintage paper or newer paper, sealed or not sealed, it always has such a beautiful and unique look. I mixed up some of the ICE Resin® and then added small amounts of the resin to different cups. Then I used few different colors of Ranger Perfect PearlsTM and added it to the resin. I used the stir stick to mix the ICE Resin® and Perfect PearlsTM. Doing this created beautiful pearl colors. I used a paint brush to add the pearly resin to the paper flowers and leaves. When the ICE Resin® cures, the flowers have a beautiful crystal look to them and they become hard from the resin. I also added some of the Iced EnamelsTM Relique Gold glitter to the center of the larger flowers and the edges of the leaves for a bit of added sparkle.  Once the ICE Resin® has cured, the flowers can be added to all kinds of home décor and DIY projects.


ICE Resin®

ICE Resin® Iced EnamelsTM Relique Powder in Turquoise

ICE Resin® Iced EnamelsTM Relique in Gold

ICE Resin® Iced EnamelsTM Medium

ICE Resin® Paper Sealer

Disposable Brushes

Mixing Cups and Stir Sticks

Ranger Perfect PearlsTM in Pink Gumball, Sour Apple, and Turquoise

Ranger Multi Medium Matte

Other Supplies Used

Small Fancy Wood Frame
Bingo Butterfly Girl Vintage-style Image from ArtCult.etsy.com
Vintage Sheet Music
Wild Orchid Crafts Paper Flowers and Leaves
Vintage Book Paper
Ivory Flat Back Pearls
Craft Foam
Heat Tool
Hot Glue
Scor-Pal® Scor-TapeTM


To start, cut vintage sheet music to fit the size of the frame. Then apply paper sealer to the vintage sheet music, and apply the sheet music to the frame.


Apply a second coat of the paper sealer to the vintage sheet music once it is on the frame.


Apply paper sealer to the front and back of all the paper flowers, leaves, and image. Set aside to dry.


Brush on the Iced EnamelsTM Medium to the scroll outer part of the frame and then apply Iced EnamelsTM Relique Powder in Turquoise.  Do this one side at a time and use a heat tool to melt the Iced EnamelsTM before moving on to another section.


Next brush a thin coat of ICE Resin® on top of the vintage sheet music, and apply another piece of vintage book paper.


Apply ICE Resin® to the entire frame. Use a brush to apply the resin to the scroll parts of the frame. Also apply resin to the butterfly wings on the image. Sprinkle Iced EnamelsTM Gold glitter around the outer edges of the paper on the frame and the butterfly wings.


Here is a close up of the wings with the ICE Resin® and glitter.


Mix up the ICE Resin® and then add Ranger Perfect PearlsTM in Pink Gumball. This will tint the resin and also give it a pearly sheen.


Here is a close up of the ICE Resin® with the Perfect PearlsTM mixed in. It creates a beautiful pearly pink color.


Mix up a few small batches of the ICE Resin® and add different colors of the Perfect PearlsTM.  I used three colors of the Perfect PearlsTM: Pink Gumball, Sour Apple, and Turquoise. I also applied Iced EnamelsTM Relique Gold glitter to the center of the larger flowers and the tips of the leaves.


I applied craft foam to the back of the image using Scor-TapeTM, and then adhered it to the frame with more Scor-Tape. I like to use craft foam when adding dimension to larger pieces, because then it is smooth across the entire piece.


Here is a close up, highlighting the crystal look of the flowers.

I used hot glue to apply all of the flowers and leaves, and create a small flower cluster at the top and another larger cluster at the bottom of the frame.  I just love the look of the flowers with the pearly tinted ICE Resin®!  They have the appearance of crystal flowers. Some of the areas weren’t completely covered with the paper sealer so they have a bit of a translucent look but I love that too. It just adds more to the crystal like appearance of the flowers.


Here is another close up so you can see where the rhinestones, pearls, and sequins were added.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and remember ICE Resin® isn’t just for jewelry. You can use it with paper crafting too!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Learn more about Heidi Blankenship:

Blog:  embellished-dreams.blogspot.com/

Facebook:  HeidiBlankenshipEmbellishedDreamsDesigns

Instagram:  heidimblankenship

Pinterest:  heidimb

The Summer Fluttered by

beauty shot watermarked


I love to create free form jewellery items, there’s something about an organic shape that isn’t cased in by metal that really appeals to me. It is pretty much destined to couple a free form piece with the free floating spirit of a butterfly. This, I must admit, is a long project. it has many layers which makes for much drying time, but it sure is worth it in the end.


Thanks for visiting

Clare Horner


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ICE Resin®

Iced Enamels™:  Shattered Fire Opal.

Art Mechanique®: Paper Sealer


Other Supplies: Laser printed image, mixing cup, stick, black acrylic paint, necklace chain and findings.


Tools: Drill, drill bit/crop-o-dile, pliers, Scissors.




2 watermarked

1: Fussy cut from a laser printed image several internal holes and then around the edge.

2: Seal both sides with paper sealer at least 3 times making sure all raw edges are covered.


3 watermarked

3: Mix resin to manufacturers instructions.

4: Place image flat on a plastic bag, cover with a generous amount of resin overlapping the sides.

5: Let dry for 8 to 10 hours or overnight.


4 watermarked

6: Once cured to the touch trim the excess resin of the edges of the image, do not cut into the paper.


5 watermarked

7: Mix resin to manufacturers instruction add in a generous amount of shattered fire opal.

8: Carefully cover the back of the image to the edges making sure the resin does not run out of bounds. Surface tension will do this naturally.

9: Let dry for 8 to 10 hours or overnight.


6 watermarked

10: Mix resin to manufacturers specifications, add in a small amount of black acrylic paint.

11: Support image on sticks and cover the back with the black resin again making sure the resin does not go out of bounds.

12: Let dry overnight or for 8 to 10 hours.


7 watermarked

13: Mix resin to manufacturers specifications.

(if any black drips onto the front you can sand/cut this away before coating with clear resin)

14: Carefully cover the front of the image with resin making sure it does not go out of bounds.

15: Let dry for 8 to 10 hours or overnight.


8 watermarked

16: Drill/punch holes in the top corners.

17: Add chain with jump rings and clasp.

18: Wear and enjoy the shimmering butterfly.


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Handmade Holidays Blog Hop Day 1


Welcome to the ICE Resin portion of the Handmade Holiday’s Blog Hop! I am please to be up first and hope you are all excited and invigorated by all the projects that have been already showcased and the ones yet to come. My wonderful team mates, I am sure, will thrill and amaze you with there many talents this coming holiday season so I hope you tune back in with us over the next two days to see what they have created for you.


beauty shot 1 watermarked

Today I have created for you a wonderful tree ornament, that could easily be given as a thoughtful gift to friends and relatives with as simple a change of image personalized to each person you are gifting. In my example I use a rub on but add in the instructions required for a printed photo in case you want to switch it up.


Have a wonderful Holiday Season and let me know what you think of my project!

Clare Horner


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ICE Resin®

Iced Enamels™: Relique Glitz Copper.

Art Mechanique®: Hobnail Bezel, paper sealer.

Rue Romantique: Rhinestone Chain.


Other Supplies: Vintage image, mixing cup, stick, findings, bits to dangle, lace.


Tools: Pliers, scissors.




2 watermarked

1: Mix resin to manufacturers instructions.

2: Add in a generous amount of Copper Relique Glitz.

3: Fill the bezel to half full with the mixture, leave to dry for 8 to 10 hours or overnight.


1 watermarked

4: Fussy cut the image close to the people.

5: If using a printed image, seal well front back and edges with paper sealer.


3 watermarked

6: If using a rub on, press image lined up where you want it into the dry resin, rub gently into place.

7: If using a printed image glue into place with a small amount of white glue and let try thoroughly.

8: Mix resin to manufacturers specifications.

9: Fill bezel to top, do not dome.

10: Leave to dry for 8 to 10 hours.


4 watermarked

11: Mix resin to manufacturers specifications.

12: Cut the rhinestone chain to size and balance on the edge where its final placement will be.

13: Flood the centre of the bezel with resin, it will naturally flood out to the edges of the chain and set it in place.

14: Leave to dry for 8 to 10 hours or overnight.


beauty shot 2 watermarked

15: Add lace, findings and dangles. Display on your tree.

Thanks for taking the time to check out today’s Handmade Holiday project. Now it’s time to hop on over to other great manufacturers and designers who are all part of this year’s event.

Also, we are having a giveaway of over $600 in craft supplies to help you make this holiday handmade. Enter to win using the widget below:

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