The Belle of the Enameled Ball, a cold enameled dress form by Candy Rosenberg


You just knew I was going to do a dress form at some point didn’t you? The ICED Enamels are an incredible way to artify a paper dress form and make it your own. You can use so many different combination of colors to make a fancy dress. I loved the Art Mechanique ribbon as a sash and wire wrapped it and added an embellishment. THis was a fun project and so easy for you to do.

Candy Rosenberg, Living the Altered Life blog

ICE Resin: Medium
ICED Enamels Relique: Raspberry, Ivory, German Silver and Tarnished Bronze
ICED Enamels German Glass Glitter
ICE Resin Wire: Dark
Rue Romantique: Charms
Art Mechanique: Ribbon
Paper Mache Dress Form with wood stand
Paint Brush


1. Paint directly onto the dress form in the areas that you want to cover to form a dress.

2. Sprinkle the Iced Enamels Ivory on this area and heat set.

3. Then add more medium on top in random fashion, sprinkle the raspberry to create accents and heat set.

4. Add more medium on the top and one side of bottom and sprinkle with ICED Enamels German Silver and heat set.

5. Add more medium to make the stripe accents then sprinkle the Tarnished Bronze and heat set.

6. Once you have heat set the Tarnished Bronze add medium only to that area and sprinkle ICED Enamels German Glass Glitter to accent the stripes.

7. Add medium to the wood top of the dress form stand along with the bottom straight piece. Sprinkle the ICE Enamels German Silver and heat set. This gives it a look of silver metal that is so cool.

8. Wrap the pink and silver ribbon around the waist, add a charm to the ribbon at the knot.

9. Cut a 4 inch piece of wire and then wrap around the ribbon making it stay close to the body of the dress form.

There are so many color combinations it is endless! I hope you have fun using ICED Enamels in your next project!


You’ll find Hats in the Opera Singer’s Closet

The “Opera Singer” is backstage  in her dressing room fretting about what hat to wear in her performance tomorrow. Which one do you suggest?





Did you notice that all these hats double as rings?

Susan Lenart Kazmer created her Opera Singer as a jewelry holder.


Susan Lenart Kazmer Haute Couture Inspiration 4

Fibers, silk sari, hand-dyed, wool, etc. are part of what makes Susan Lenart Kazmer’s jewelry amazing.

Are fibers part of your mixed metal jewelry and bead work?

Haute Couture Susan Lenart Kazmer

Model by Vaiva Style.


You can see Susan working with fibers as she shapes this necklace and of course, in her ballerina and other figures.

If you would like to learn more about Susan’s techniques working with resin and metal, her recent book “Resin Alchemy” and DVDs “Forge Wire Cages” and “Explorations in Jewelry Enameling” are available now.

“Moving Forward”, a mixed media collage with instructions by Tatiana Allen

Hello Everyone!

Oh my GOODNESS I am just in love with Iced Enamels and the new Art Mechanique™ German Glass Glitter!

A couple of weeks ago I did a Technique Tuesday video where I shared how to create an ICE Resin ocean. The inspiration for this idea came to me after thanking a dear friend for blowing wind in my sails. You can watch the faux ocean technique video here.

After completing the video, I had a beautiful night sky background and a magical blue ocean to work with. I was so excited to complete the rest of what I had envisioned, that I worked on it diligently until it felt finished. I love the way it turned out and how simple it is to make anything, including fabric, look fabulous with Iced Enamels.

ICE Resin Iced Enamels Shattered Inclusions

“Moving Forward” and ICE Resin mixed media collage.

Basically, I just cut the bird body and boat out of one of my kiddos old jeans, painted it, added the Iced Enamels Medium and Iced Enamels to the bird’s beak, hearts and the boat’s sail, heated it and viola! I then attached all of the pieces, including the cute little forks, number and heart charms with the answer to all of life’s problems, ICE Resin.

My Supply list:

ICE Resin®, 8 oz. Kit

Iced Enamel™ s Medium, 1 oz

Iced Enamels™  Ivory Relique

Iced Enamels™ : Carnelian and Garnet Relique

Opal and Fire Opal Shattered Inclusions  plus Chartreuse Mica

Art Mechanique™ German Glass Glitter: Sky Blue and Silver

Art Mechanique™ Connections: Gem Brads

Art Mechanique™ Charms: Brass Tableware

Art Mechanique™ Number Silhouettes

Rue Romantique™ Heart Shaped Faux Lock

Wishing you smiles and sunshine,

Tatiana Allen aka Crafty Cutie

Are You a Mixed Media Art Queen? Make an oh so Rue Romantique Queen Collage with Jamie Dougherty

ICE Resin Queen Collage

ICE Resin® screams mixed media to me. Today I wanted to make a mixed media queen. I found inspiration from the paper found in the Rue Romantique Flip Book (Projects & Clip Art). I put the inspiration onto the background of my piece of work.


I collaged the papers from the Rue Romantique Flip Book (Projects & Clip Art) and Flip Book: Belles Dames Francaise. I then sketched my queen onto the paper with colored pencil. If you do not wish to draw you can also use a magazine photo and collage that over your background. Once I had my daring done I used the Iced Enamels in tarnished bronze and placed it over Iced enamels medium. I then took shattered mica in bronze and scattered it across the top of her head. I then manipulated some of the Blacken Steel wire in 20gg to create her crown. I embellished her crown with the Royal Crown Spoon Charms by Rue Romantique, bezel, Prima Bloom Collection fabric flowers, and gems. Once I had those securely down I covered the entire piece in ICE Resin® The resin brought out the rich color of the colored pencils and made them appear more vibrant.

The Resin Queen - details of Rue Romantique royal spoon charms and

The Resin Queen – details of Rue Romantique royal spoon charms and Rue bezel, plus wire work and other details.

Supplies and Tools:

ICE Resin®

Iced Enamels™:  Tarnished Bronze

Rue Romantique™ bezel

Rue Romantique™ Royal Crown Spoon Charms

Rue Romantique™ Flip Book (Projects & Clip Art)

Flip Book: Belles Dames Francaise

Blackened Steel wire in 20gg

Color Pencils



pliars/needle nose

wood panel

Thank you for joining me today.

Jamie Dougherty

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