Hello, Good-by and a mixed media giraffe

Art Mechanique molding puttyThis little mixed media giraffe seems to be saying hello to the 2014 ICE Resin Creative Team — the  members will be announced December 13.

Sandy Marin made the body and legs of this so so fashionable critter  out of an upcycled wooden box, paint, a ruler, an tulle for the skirt.


The body is cast ICE Resin using Art Mechainque Molding Putty.

“Hello” or “Good-bye” we, Susan, Jen, Kristen and Carol want to give a round of applause, several really loud cheers, hugs all around, and warmest wishes to (in no particular order):

Sandy MartinSweet Pea Jewelry

JoMama, ShopJoMama

Lexi Grenzer, Shabby Calavera

JoAnna Pierotti, Moss Hill Studio

Cindi Bisson, Behind These Eyes

Lesley Venable, Flatwoods Folk Art

Thespa McLaughlin, Vintiquities Workshop

Susan Weckesser, My Sweet Earth

Jen Crossley, A Mark in Time

Susan M Walls, Charming Trinkets

Pamela Huntington, Pam Huntington

Cindy Cima Edwards, Live to Design

These creative women were truly  awesome, supportive, and every-ready. We will miss them,  hold them in our hearts, and most certainly see them around!

We hope you won’t forget to keep following all the wonderful projects on their blogs!



Serendipity Album

industrial chic

An album I found at the dollar store forms the base of this art journal. I added a fabric collage to the cover and one of Susan Lenart Kazmer’s Industrial Chic pieces fit perfectly
on the edge of the cover… giving it a special charm and interest… makes you want to pick it up and look at all the photos…!

If you wanted to achieve a look similar to the metal locket and crystal you could use a silhouette or cut a piece of metal the shape you desired or use a silhouette, and then Cold Enamel the metal surface with Relique and Glitz Powders from the Iced Enamel Line. Lastly, you would wire wrap fibers and a crystal to the metal shape.

Have fun!

Pamela Huntington

A Rue Romantique Adorned Christmas Tree – Day 2

Rue Romantique ornament

Want your Tannenbaum to sparkle?

Your Christmas tree to shine?

Your creativity to make friends remark, “You’re a genius! It looks divine!”

Lexi, Pamela, Jen, Carol, and Susan have made ornaments to spark

your Christmas imagination

on this second day of our Rue Romantique hop!

Rue Romantique Kristen Robinson ICE Resin






Saturday, Nov. 9

Lexi Grenzer http://lexigrenzer.blogspot.com/2013/11/rue-romantique-ornament-blog-hop.html

Pamela Huntington  http://pamelahuntington.typepad.com/february_2007/2013/11/handmade-holiday-blog-hop.html

Susan Walls  http://www.susansartcircus.com/christmas-with-ice-and-santa/

Jen Cushman  http://wp.me/p1lhEq-Gb

If you missed them yesterday, you will want to spy

on Kristen, Cindy, Jen and Cindi’s blogs

for more Rue Romantique ornaments to try!

Friday, Nov. 8

Kristen Robinson    http://kristenrobinson.typepad.com/kristenrobinson/2013/11/rue-romantique-christmas-blog-hop.html

Jen Crossley http://amarkintime.blogspot.com/

Cindy Cima Edwards  http://www.cindycima.com/2013/11/08

Cindi Bisson http://fatcatcreations.blogspot.com/2013/11/ice-resin-rue-romantique-christmas-blog.html

And coming up on Sunday

We know you will just rave

When Lesley, Susan, JoMama, and Sandy show you

The beautiful things they have made!

Sunday, Nov. 10

Lesley Venable


JoMama http://www.shopjomama.com/blog/rue-romantique-ornament-blog-hop

Sandy Martin http://sweetpeajewelry1.blogspot.com/2013/11/rue-romantique-christmas-blog-hop.html

Susan Weckesser http://mysweetearth.blogspot.com/2013/11/rue-romantique-bloghop.html


Handmade ornaments kit: resin bezels and bling

Want to learn how to make ornaments in time for the holidays? Take advantage of this exclusive collection, and create handmade ornaments with prime instruction from our contributors, including a PDF created exclusively for this kit, and all the ICE Resin® materials you could want.
HANDMADE ORNAMENTS KIT: Resin Bezels and Bling
In the Handmade Ornaments Kit: Bezels, Resin, and Bling, you’ll get three fantastic resources for learning different mixed-media jewelry techniques. In Making Etched Metal Jewelry, enjoy step-by-step instruction for creating unique accessories with etched metal. Make your own resin-filled bezels and more in Romantic Bezels. Plus, apply the wonders of ICE Resin® to your holiday ornament-making with an included PDF on how to make ornaments.
The Handmade Ornaments Kit: Bezels, Resin, and Bling also includes a wide range of mixed-media jewelry materials that will let you experiment with the techniques and methods presented in Making Etched Metal JewelryRomantic Bezels, and Ornament PDF without having to make a trip to the store! You’ll also receive: 
•2 small silver scrolled oval bezels
•Large silver botanical oval bezel
•Medium scrolled heart bezel
•ICED Enamels® in German Silver
•ICED Enamels® adhesive medium
•6-pack ICED Enamels® angled brushes
•1oz. syringe of ICE Resin®
•Rue Romantique® 18” rhinestone chain

These crystals are dazzling in the light

What is an artist to do with extra Connie Crystals post-Emmys?

If she is a member of the ICE Resin team she makes something dazzling!red theme suncatcher

Check out what Pamela Huntington, Sandy Martin and Lexi Grenzer have for you today!

 leaf14mmoctagon ab

Here are the links in case you missed Susan M Walls – Art Circus featuring a wonderful bracelet fit for famous Alice,   Thespa McLaughlin – Vintiquities Workshop featuring a gorgeous onyx and silver necklace, and Jen Cushman’s lovely wire-wrapped pendant.

Wonder what Cindy Cima Edwards, JoMama, Lesley Venable and Jen Crossley will have in store for us on the 19th?!

Coleman’s Treasure, a mixed media “shadowbox”


ice resinI love working in specimen boxes, they provide the perfect “shadowbox” in which to create a three dimensional collage. For this piece I collected an old mustard tin, an old cardboard album frame and one of the IceResin® hobnail bezels. I love the hobnail bezels, the sizes shapes and depth give me lots of choices.

ice resinFor this assemblage I chose a small rectangular bezel and a vintage gem tintype. I filled the bezel with ice resin and added one of the Rue Romantique rhinestones for an accent. The Bezel is attached to the tin using a long brad on either end.

ice resin collageThe tin is centered in the middle of the album frame. I wanted the piece to look like it was “floating ” in the frame, so I used waxed linen to “suspend ” the piece in the specimen box. I also added a few accents to the edges of the frame.

Pamela Huntington


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