Glass Chandelier piece, molded and “steamed”

Cast with ICE Resin
Tools and Materials:
ICE Resin®
Iced Enamels™ Shattered Opal
Rue Romantique™ Red Ribbon
Art Mechanique™ Jewelers Grade Molding Putty
Art Mechanique™ Chain 24BR
Ball chain and connector
Brass jump ring
Metal flake
2 pairs pliers
Watch parts
Vintage chandelier piece

I really love making my own mold’s and had this fabulous vintage glass chandelier piece I found at a local car boot sale sitting waiting, begging for me to use it. I did not want to loose the original piece, being unique and not something I would be able to find again I decided that it would be the perfect candidate to make a mold from. It did use rather a lot of molding putty to create but it is worth it in the long run since I will be able to make as many castings as my little heart desires from the piece without a worry.

Once I had the mold created I made a test piece to make sure I was happy with it before making a full project from it. The test came out perfect in both polymer clay and resin so away I went. I love all things Steampunk so naturally, being a Victorian piece originally it had to be Steampunked up a little for the first time. The bonus from creating this piece is it also taught me a lot of patience, if you have embedded things into layers of resin before, you will know what I mean. Some objects tend to float so you have to keep a careful eye on them for the first hour to make sure they don’t float away from where you want them to be!

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1: Clean and dry the piece you wish to make your mold from. Following the instructions, mix a suitable amount of molding putty and press the item into it, making sure to build a wall to contain your resin. Let this cure thoroughly.

2: Carefully remove the object being molded and test your mold with spare resin or some dough/polymer clay to make sure you are happy with it.

3: Mix ICE Resin to the manufacturers instructions. Carefully pour your resin into the mold so it is roughly half full, leave for 4 or 5 hours so it is mostly set.

4: Mix a much smaller batch of resin, pour a thin layer on top of the layer already in your mold. Carefully drop in your watch parts, moving them around with a pin into the desired placement. Place a couple of small metal flakes pieces over the back of the watch parts, if you are looking at the front of the piece you need to add in the flake first as the desired effect is reached by having the parts flanked by flake. Keep an eye on this for the next couple of hours checking regularly, watch parts and metal flake tend to float out of position if you are not careful.

5: After 5 or 6 hours, or overnight, Mix enough ICE Resin to top off your mold. Add into this mix the desired amount of Iced Enamel Shattered Opal flakes and pour into the mold. Leave to set for 6 to 10 hours or over night.

6: Pour any leftover resin in a mould or wipe onto book page so it is not wasted.

7: Take the red velvet ribbon from the Rue Romantique ribbon set and make a bow, attach a jump ring to the back through the back loop of the bow.

8: Make a small jump ring like ring from the ball chain and attach the piece and the ribbon bow together. Feed through the necklace chain and you are done.


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