Cold Enameling Tip: A Plain Ceramic Tile is a Handy Tool

Iced Enamels Amethyst ReliqueTo what use would you put a plain ceramic tile as you are cold enameling with ICE Resin® and all of our lovely Iced Enamel™ Relique Powders?


Watch Susan Walls’ tips:

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Make her From the Heart  necklace.

What are you inspired to design for one you love?


Susan and Jen had an amazing time teaching, connecting, and reconnecting with ICE Resin friends at CHA 2015 and we have the snaps to prove it!


Create an ICE Resin necklace “From The Heart” by Susan M. Walls

A Key To My Heart
Isn’t Valentine’s full of romance? A time of love renewal and giving your heart to another?
How about a glittery enameled vintage version for your neck?
I love vintage pieces and parts. Sometimes I buy them when I find them even though I haven’t a clue how I might use them. They end up in the studio staring back at me for months. These are bank safety deposit keys that called to me during a visit to a local flea market. Flat and perfect for Iced Enamels!
 Products Used
Necklace Ingredients:
1 small rectangle hobnail bezel in brass
Iced Enamels in Garnet and Amethyst
Iced Enamels medium
ICE Resin® (of course)
1 tiny wooden heart
Red glitter (i used basic craft glitter that I had)
About 1 yard of silk ribbon (Mine was white then i dyed it with spray ink)
Words cut from a vintage dictionary
1 vintage safety deposit box key
Embossing gun
Miscellaneous jump rings and brass wire
Vintage beads and crystals from my hoard
Appropriate tools
Using enamels brush a light coat of medium all over your rectangle bezel, all over! Then dip into enamel powder, tap off excess. I put Amethyst Iced Enamels everywhere but the back of the bezel.  Brush medium on the tooth section of the key and dip that into Garnet enamel, shake off excess. Normally I work over a sheet of paper so that any excess powder can be easily swept back into the container.
 Medium application
With your embossing tool heat each piece until enamel melts. Be careful they get hot! Leave until cool. Tip: Work over an inexpensive ceramic tile found at any home improvement store! Saves your counter top from marring with too much heat.
Step @ Embossing gun
Glue/seal your dictionary words onto the key with two to three coats. Brush white glue onto your wooden heart then dip into red glitter, let dry. Place your third tiny glittered heart into the bezel.
 Vintage words
Prepare your ICE resin according to direction. I am using the 8 ounce bottles of ICE resin so I need to mix equal parts in a small cup. Before pouring I always add line with marker to let me how much I need. Those little lines disappear fast when the liquid hits the cup!
About to mix resin
Pour resin into and over glitter heart making sure you coat all areas that have enamel to seal and give you that shiny enamel look. Coat over enamel portion of key. Allow to dry a minimum of 12 hours.
When it’s cured use your favorite beads and embellishments to put together a romantic, from the heart necklace!
Close Up
I hope you get a chance to make one for yourself!
Until next time,
Susan’s Art Circus

Ice Resin Team 2015: Susan Walls

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be able to introduce myself today!


YouTube Preview Image


Can’t wait to start with the team for 2015.

You can find out more about me and all my goings on at the following links:

My website: Susan’s Art Circus

My blog: Art Circus Blog

Find me on Facebook: Susan’s Charming Trinkets

Etsy shop for Jewelry Pieces: Charming Trinkets

Etsy shop for Supplies: The Cre8ive Circus

Pinterest: Susanmwb Pins

Instagram: @Susanmwb

Twitter: @Susanmwb

Google+: Susan Walls-Beverly

YouTube: Susan Walls-Beverly


Wedding Day Dreaming

Gettin’ hitched.

Wedded bliss.

Dreaming of the DAY.

Crafting elements of your wedding will add a special meaning to the day and keepsakes beyond the ceremony.

Here are a few ideas:

Wouldn’t this be a pretty post-wedding necklace for the moms and grandmothers of the bride and groom?


Bouquet of Memories

This wedding cake topper also serves as a keepsake memento or ornament to remember the couple’s special day.


Forever One Wedding Cake Topper

Fun with bridesmaids!

ice resin

Snarky Princesses


Hello, Good-by and a mixed media giraffe

Art Mechanique molding puttyThis little mixed media giraffe seems to be saying hello to the 2014 ICE Resin Creative Team — the  members will be announced December 13.

Sandy Marin made the body and legs of this so so fashionable critter  out of an upcycled wooden box, paint, a ruler, an tulle for the skirt.


The body is cast ICE Resin using Art Mechainque Molding Putty.

“Hello” or “Good-bye” we, Susan, Jen, Kristen and Carol want to give a round of applause, several really loud cheers, hugs all around, and warmest wishes to (in no particular order):

Sandy MartinSweet Pea Jewelry

JoMama, ShopJoMama

Lexi Grenzer, Shabby Calavera

JoAnna Pierotti, Moss Hill Studio

Cindi Bisson, Behind These Eyes

Lesley Venable, Flatwoods Folk Art

Thespa McLaughlin, Vintiquities Workshop

Susan Weckesser, My Sweet Earth

Jen Crossley, A Mark in Time

Susan M Walls, Charming Trinkets

Pamela Huntington, Pam Huntington

Cindy Cima Edwards, Live to Design

These creative women were truly  awesome, supportive, and every-ready. We will miss them,  hold them in our hearts, and most certainly see them around!

We hope you won’t forget to keep following all the wonderful projects on their blogs!



ICE Quick Tip – Casting and Finishing

Susan M Walls grabbed her dremel plus a bit, her file and safety glasses to finish this lovely molded bracelet.


See how she did it:

Fabulous ICE Resin Hobnail Hair Tie

ICE Resin hair tie

My daughter has long hair…I mean really long hair almost to beyond her hips! She hates traditional hair ties, goofy ribbons, and all things boring or too girlie. But she is an art fan and LOVES one of a kind things. Lately she’s been asking me to braid her hair and I surprised her with this!

ICE Resin hair tie back

Materials and Tools:

* Art Mechanique Medium Hobnail Bezel – Round

* Flat button with shank

* fabric covered hair tie

* Assorted paper ephemera

* ICE Resin® , craft cup and stir stick

* Scissors

* Art Mechanique Paper Sealer

* gem or crystal to bling it out

* ribbons of your choice


  1. Mix a small batch of ICE Resin according to instructions. Use it to glue the button upside down to the back of the round bezel. Allow to cure.
  2. Cut a circle to fit bezel from your choice of papers. Using ModPodge glue in place then coat 2 to 3 times to seal. Let dry completely.
  3. Prop bezel into a small cup full of rice or beans until level. Mix another batch of Ice resin according to instructions and fill bezel until you get a beautiful dome. allow to cure.
  4. Attach fabric hair tie to the button shank by looping it back onto itself. Cut small lengths of ribbon and tie to each side of the bezel, glue a crystal or gem on the front.

You now have a one of a kind hair art piece!

Susan M Walls

Susan’s Charming Trinkets

Fabric Friendship Bracelets with Iced Enamels

When school began, my daughter was looking for an interesting way to give memorable gifts to her friends commemorating the start of a new year. Here’s what we dreamt up using scrap fabrics, Art Mechanique Silhouettes and Iced Enamels:

Friendship Bracelets

Iced Enamels friendship bracelet

Turtles signify longevity.

You’ll need:

* Scrap pieces of fabric cut to wrist size and 2 in wide
* Half inch end clasp findings
* Jumprings
* Art Mechanique small bezels and silhouettes
* Assorted paper ephemera
* ICE Resin®
* Scissors
* Sewing machine (can be hand sewn)
* Iron
* Pliers
* Beads (optional)
* Jewelry tools
* Thread
Art Mechanique Paper Sealer

1.  Cut fabric into desired wrist size width and 2 inches wide. Fold both long sides one half inch towards center and iron. Fold down the middle and iron again.

2.  At sewing machine or by hand, sew decorative stitching lengthwise on each bracelet. Trim threads.

3.  Insert end into clasp. Use pliers to flatten, encasing the fabric.

4.  Chose paper ephemera to fit a small bezel. Seal into place using Paper Sealer.

5.   Mix ICE Resin according to instructions. Poor into bezel. Allow to dry overnight.

6.  Using jumprings to attach bezel to bracelet end. Add extra jumprings to fit, then add lobster clasp for closure.

Iced Enamels

Friendship Bracelet DIY

Good ideas!

Make lots of them!!!

Cutting out several bracelets at a time, sewing multiple pieces, and finishing with clasps means you can make lots if bracelets in very little time.

Also remember that making multiple bezel pieces saves time too!

Susan Walls

Susan’s Art Circus

What could you make with your daughter? or Son? or Grandchildren?

Interested in more mother-daughter projects? Check out these stunning bookmarks by Susan Walls, this memory with Tina Schiefer, and this moment between another Susan and her daughter.



The sparkle of crystal…

Jen CushmanLove the diffusion of color that happens when light hits crystal facets and explodes? We do too!

Jen Cushman wire wrapped two Connie Crystals to accent an Art Mechanique Hobnail Bezel with a vintage stamp image.

Our creative team had a few Connie Crystals after the Emmys and decided to do a few projects. You can see Susan Walls’ and Thespa McLaughlins’ on their blogs today. We are sure they wold love it if you popped on over and took a look!

Susan M Walls – Art Circus

Thespa McLaughlin – Vintiquities Workshop


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