Hello, Good-by and a mixed media giraffe

Art Mechanique molding puttyThis little mixed media giraffe seems to be saying hello to the 2014 ICE Resin Creative Team — the  members will be announced December 13.

Sandy Marin made the body and legs of this so so fashionable critter  out of an upcycled wooden box, paint, a ruler, an tulle for the skirt.


The body is cast ICE Resin using Art Mechainque Molding Putty.

“Hello” or “Good-bye” we, Susan, Jen, Kristen and Carol want to give a round of applause, several really loud cheers, hugs all around, and warmest wishes to (in no particular order):

Sandy MartinSweet Pea Jewelry

JoMama, ShopJoMama

Lexi Grenzer, Shabby Calavera

JoAnna Pierotti, Moss Hill Studio

Cindi Bisson, Behind These Eyes

Lesley Venable, Flatwoods Folk Art

Thespa McLaughlin, Vintiquities Workshop

Susan Weckesser, My Sweet Earth

Jen Crossley, A Mark in Time

Susan M Walls, Charming Trinkets

Pamela Huntington, Pam Huntington

Cindy Cima Edwards, Live to Design

These creative women were truly  awesome, supportive, and every-ready. We will miss them,  hold them in our hearts, and most certainly see them around!

We hope you won’t forget to keep following all the wonderful projects on their blogs!



I’ll Be Home for Christmas, An Assemblage

Susan Weckesser loves Christmas and she has a son who will be home for Christmas  the first time in a couple of years so she is really going all out with the decorations.

ice resin Christmas decor

She made this sweet home assemblage piece with chicken wire, a wooden frame, ICE Resin-ed vintage paper that had been ICE Resin-ed, raffia, the stamp from a letter,  a little crafty tree with presents, and a stained glass house she drew freehand! Her stamp is available for order HERE.

What do you love most about creating gifts and decor for Christmas and Thanksgiving? The anticipation? The looks on people’s facing? Making things in your space? Receiving handmade treasures?

When do you get started decorating?

Susan made this winter memories piece back in September.

You can find out more about Susan on her My Sweet Earth blog or Snapshots 52 blog.

A Rue Romantique Adorned Christmas Tree – Day 3

My work table is crowded with ornaments galore

My friend she has helped me make ornaments by the score

 Yet there are others I cannot bear to miss

 Lesley, JoMama, Sandy and Susan’s  projects I cannot resist!

Rue Romantique ornaments will grace my tree

not forgetting a few for my loved ones who will shout with glee!

Rue Romantique Christmas ornaments

Sunday, Nov. 10

Lesley Venable


JoMama http://www.shopjomama.com/blog/rue-romantique-ornament-blog-hop

Sandy Martin http://sweetpeajewelry1.blogspot.com/2013/11/rue-romantique-christmas-blog-hop.html

Susan Weckesser http://mysweetearth.blogspot.com/2013/11/rue-romantique-bloghop.html

In case you missed the Christmas goodness: 

Friday, Nov. 8

Kristen Robinson    http://kristenrobinson.typepad.com/kristenrobinson/2013/11/rue-romantique-christmas-blog-hop.html

Jen Crossley http://amarkintime.blogspot.com/

Cindy Cima Edwards  http://www.cindycima.com/2013/11/08

Cindi Bisson http://fatcatcreations.blogspot.com/2013/11/ice-resin-rue-romantique-christmas-blog.html


Saturday, Nov. 9

(ICE Resin site) Carol La Valley http://wp.me/p1MCno-2W3

Lexi Grenzer http://lexigrenzer.blogspot.com/2013/11/rue-romantique-ornament-blog-hop.html

Pamela Huntington  http://pamelahuntington.typepad.com/february_2007/2013/11/handmade-holiday-blog-hop.html

Susan Walls  http://www.susansartcircus.com/christmas-with-ice-and-santa/

Jen Cushman  http://wp.me/p1lhEq-Gb

Thank you so much for joining us! May all the projects on your workbench turn out just as you imagined or even better!

Handmade ornaments kit: resin bezels and blingNeed more Rue Romantique? Get it the kit at Interweave while supplies last!
Want to learn how to make ornaments in time for the holidays? Take advantage of this exclusive collection, and create handmade ornaments with prime instruction from our contributors, including a PDF created exclusively for this kit, and all the ICE Resin® materials you could want.
HANDMADE ORNAMENTS KIT: Resin Bezels and Bling



Ethereal Art Journal Pages

ICE Resin paperMy inspirations for this mixed media piece was my love of books and journals. I wanted to make my own special little book using the ICE Resin paper that I could use to doodle and journal in. I collect old vintage books and I adore the old leather covers to some books….I wanted to recreate a similar look.

I took a piece of tissue page and coated it with ICE Resin. While it was still tacky I put a couple drops of mica gloss metallic ink, Judikins, on the paper. Using my gloved hands, I blotted the paper to make a patterns. with a paintbrush and what kind of paint? (I didn’t used a paintbrush or paint…just my gloved hands) I then picked up the paper while it was still tacky and dabbed it into dried flower ‘crumbs’ and fragments. When the tissue paper was dry I cut it into a rectangle and stitched up the sides with a sewing machine. I also glued on ribbon and sewed on a button.

ICE Resin paper

This is the inside page of my ICE Resin Journal. I cut and used drawing paper as my pages. By punching holes into the paper and the ICE Resin cover I could bind everything together to form a journal.

Susan Weckesser

{My Sweet Earth} 

Maple Leaf Mixed Media Canvas for Canada Day

Let’s Celebrate!


Take an old sewing pattern and after mixing up a small cup of ICE Resin®, using a small paint brush coat the front and back. Set aside to dry overnight. Do the same to an old book page.
Print off picture of the Canada flag.
Give your canvas a base coat of white acrylic paint.
Let dry.

Spritz with water and gentle rub off paper to get an image transfer.
Use some of paint to color up the sides of your canvas and around your image. Dab on some of the paint and then don’t be afraid to use a rag to work the color into all tear and creases.

Take the dried ICE-resined sewing paper and cut into strips.
Dab some ink onto a non-stick craft mat then dab the strips of Ice Resin sewing patterns through it. Like it sit for a minute and then spritz with a bit of water to let the color bleed a bit and then dab excess with a rag. You can add other colors it you want.
Heat set.

Cut strips of the resin Book Page. Roll up and put a little dab of glue at the end so it doesn’t come undone.

Cut off 3” lengths of ICE Resined Sewing Pattern paper. Gentle fold in half and twist the ends to make petals for a flower. Make 5 or 6 of them.

Glue to the back side of a cork circle. Now glue the rolled up Ice Resin book page on top.
Take the remaining ICE Resin sewing Pattern strips and wrap the bottom of your canvas and top with the Ice Resin sewing pattern flower.

Lightly outline the maple leaf with something like Liquid Pearls to help make it pop.
Enjoy your canvas!
I hope that everyone has a wonderful Canada Day!
Susan Weckesser

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