Found French Eyeglasses, a mixed media project by Sandy Martin

I made some of the components of this mixed media piece while at Susan Lenart Kazmer’s France workshop.

ice resinI love how this necklace turned out. While working on it, it kept me in the moment and reminded me to really SEE France for all its beauty. I took many walks around the small village and found a treasure trove of dis-guarded items. On one such walk, I found an old pair of glasses run over in the street.

I cleaned them up and put a thin layer if ICE Resin on both sides. Once Dry, I places a small piece of text on the back and another layer of resin. Before the resin was dry, I sprinkled in some fine mica powder to give it some bling. I added some rhinestones because…well do you ever need an excuse to use rhinestones?

Susan gave each of us a huge crystal to use in her workshop. Because I was not sure how I wanted to use it, I made a mold out of 2 part Art Mechanique Jeweler’s Grade Molding Putty and cast the large crystal in resin. I used Gilders Paste to give it a worn look. I used a bike chain link as a swing joint to connect the pendant to the necklace. I used some sweet French lace and gemstones to finish off the necklace.

Every time I look at this piece, it reminds me not only of France, but to see the beauty in what can be done with common dis guarded items we come across each day.

Sandy Martin

Sweet Pea blog

Measuring Wrists Accurately for Custom Beaded and Cuff Bracelets

You start by measuring just above the wrist bone… in this video ICE Resin Mixed Meadia Team member Sandy Martin shares the how-to’s making bracelets and cuffs that include clasps and fit just right!

Sandy Martin   You can discover more about Sandy on he Sweet Pea Blog.


Victorian Portrait by Sandy Martin

victorian portrait in ice resinThis piece was inspired by the old Victorian portraits. I love the way the women would sit so still, almost statue like, wearing  there finest attire.

I made a mold from an old pipe my good friend Claire found at a French Flea Market.  One of my favorite things about ICE Resin is its ability to reproduce an item.

While your friends may not be willing to give up a precious treasure, they may be willing to let you make a mold of it!

Here is a close up:

ice resin

Sandy Martin

Sweet Pea Jewelry blogspot


Sandy Martin’s Party Guest: The Moose!

My inspiration for this ring was my love for wildlife. I have always liked moose. This guy seems like he would make a good party guest!

ice resinHe seems like he’s a bit quiet at first, but after a few glasses of wine, he’s the life of the party.

ice resin

Sandy Martin

Sweet Pea Jewelry

p.s. watch for more projects in the new year that use our jewel’s grade, 2-part molding putty and ICE Resin.

ice resin

We Welcome Sandy Martin to the ICE Resin® Mixed Media Team

Sandy Martin

Sandy Martin        Blog:  Sweet Pea Jewelry




industrial chicSandy Martin says:

“I started my artistic life with painting, then quickly moved to recycled/mixed media.

I started a recycled art show in my small town (when most of the population still viewed it as trash) This year we will celebrate out 12th year!

When I began nursing school, I could not continue with larger projects so I began making mixed media jewelry.{I mistakenly thought it would be quicker and take up less space) I was able to quit my job and support myself while in school by selling jewelry. But once I graduated and began working full time,I found I had no time to create.

Jewelry continues to be my primary medium, but I still love mixed media pieces. I love making mixed media/recycled art for so many reasons. It makes me feel connected to the past when I use found pieces. I get joy out of giving a new life to something discarded or forgotten.”

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