Balling a Metal Fiber at Both Ends with Jen Crossley

Follow along in the video as Jen Crossley shows you a couple of necklaces where she used a metal fiber that is balled at both ends, plus how to do this wire technique.


Happy Tuesday!

You can learn more about Jen on her blog, A Mark in Time.

Linking Chains with Sandy Martin

If you are considering making jewelry for the first time, you need to know how to open and close a jump ring. It is an essential and easy skill to learn as the wonderful Sandy Martin, ICE Resin Mixed Media Team member will show you. Want more tips? Please keep coming back on Tuesdays! You can also follow Sandy on her Sweet Pea blog for more inspiration.

Susan M. Walls Shares a Toothpick and ICE Resin Tip


Toothpicks, sandwich sticks, craft sticks, long flat sticks (cut in half) are Susan M. Walls’ favorite tools for placing, dripping and nudging ICE Resin exactly where she wants it to go in a bezel.

You can discover more about Susan on her Charming Trinkets blog.


My Favorite Tool for Jewelry – Cindy Cima Edwards

Why round nose pliers are Cindy’s go-to jewelry tool–tiny round loops, large round loops and great connections.

Cindy’s blog is Live to Design!

Also, it is DOUBLE TECH TUESDAY! Post a comment below and then post a comment here.

One lucky, randomly chosen winner will be sent a pair of bezels!

Creating a Transparent Layer with Creative Team Member Kathy Thompson

Hey everyone! It’s Kathy from the creative design team. I’ve created this quick video to show you how to make a transparent layer by printing an image directly onto ordinary tissue paper. The image will appear to float above the background layer adding depth and interest to almost any resin project.

1. This technique works best if you choose a black and white image to print onto the tissue paper and layer it over a light background.
2. This same technique could also be accomplished by stamping onto the tissue with permanent ink.


I hope that you enjoy the video.

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