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ICE Resin paperMy inspirations for this mixed media piece was my love of books and journals. I wanted to make my own special little book using the ICE Resin paper that I could use to doodle and journal in. I collect old vintage books and I adore the old leather covers to some books….I wanted to recreate a similar look.

I took a piece of tissue page and coated it with ICE Resin. While it was still tacky I put a couple drops of mica gloss metallic ink, Judikins, on the paper. Using my gloved hands, I blotted the paper to make a patterns. with a paintbrush and what kind of paint? (I didn’t used a paintbrush or paint…just my gloved hands) I then picked up the paper while it was still tacky and dabbed it into dried flower ‘crumbs’ and fragments. When the tissue paper was dry I cut it into a rectangle and stitched up the sides with a sewing machine. I also glued on ribbon and sewed on a button.

ICE Resin paper

This is the inside page of my ICE Resin Journal. I cut and used drawing paper as my pages. By punching holes into the paper and the ICE Resin cover I could bind everything together to form a journal.

Susan Weckesser

{My Sweet Earth} 

ICE Resin + tissue paper with Thespa McLaughlin

Thespa shares how to make tissue paper translucent with ICE Resin®

You can learn more about Thespa on her Vintiquities Worshop blog.



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