Rice, Recycled Condiment Cups and ICE Resin: a video tutorial

Condiment containers are not just for condiments. Enter Susan M. Walls’ studio and see how they become a tools when pouring ICE Resin® into ring bezels.

Want more info on Susan Walls?  Check out Susan’s Art Circus.

(Yes, that rectangular bezel on Susan’s workbench is from Kristen Robinson’s Rue Romantique line.)

My Favorite Tool for Jewelry – Cindy Cima Edwards

Why round nose pliers are Cindy’s go-to jewelry tool–tiny round loops, large round loops and great connections.

Cindy’s blog is Live to Design!

Also, it is DOUBLE TECH TUESDAY! Post a comment below and then post a comment here.

One lucky, randomly chosen winner will be sent a pair of bezels!

Jen Crossley’s Favorite Tools

Jen Crossley shares a bit about her favorite jewelry and mixed media tools.

Want to see more of the fabulous art Jen creates with her tools? Check out her blog!


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