Rue Romantique™ Classes with Kristen Robinson at To Bead True Blue in Tucson, AZ

Glamorous, vintage, Old World beauty with a fashion forward touch-that is what you will find in sunny Tuscon this Winter in Kristen Robinson’s classes at To Bead True Blue. Choose from three:

Iced Enamels™ and Rue Romantique™

Instructor: Kristen Robinson

To Bead True Blue Class

Iced Enamels™ and Rue Romantique™ with Kristen Robinson


Layers of Iced Enamels™ Silver Shattered Mica and ICE Resin® create the perfect centerpiece for an enameled heart (which we will create in class). All of these divine elements are nestled nicely within the confines of a Rue Romantique Victorian bezel that has been manipulated with a mandrel and hammered into a cuff. Stands of chain and beads complete this unique and stunning piece.

In class this 3.5 hour class Kristen will walk you through the process of enameling charms, using Iced Enamels™ to create faux flood soldering, as well as shaping and hammering our bezels into cuffs. Wire wrapping as well as chain construction will also be covered. Everyone will leave class with a completed bracelet!

Date /time: 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., Wednesday, February 5

Class fee:  $67 Kit fee: $15



Glamour and Grunged, Etched and Soldered Cuffs 

Instructor: Kristen Robinson

To Bead True Blue Classes

Glamour and Grunged, Etched and Soldered Cuffs with Kristen Robinson


Join Kristen on a journey that truly is an alchemists dream as she shares her no fail etching techniques found in her new book Making Etched Metal Jewlery (Norhtlight 2013). Together in this 6 hour class (with a break for luch)we will complete two brass cuffs that are composed not only of amazing etched imagery but a resin charm and various baubles. In class I will be guiding you through my no fail etching process that consistently produces deep and beautiful etchings; we will also be filling Rue Romantique bezels with imagery and resin that creates not only a bit of beauty but a tale all on it s own.

A hint of soldering adds yet another layer of beauty to your ethced pieces. You will leave our time together with not only an arsenal of information but also two very personal pieces of jewelry that you are sure to cherish!

Date /time: 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Thursday, February 6

Class fee: $105, Kit Fee: $25



Soldered Treasures – Transforming Found Objects with a bit of Flood Soldering and Resin

Instructor: Kristen Robinson

To Bead True Blue classes

Soldered Treasures – Transforming Found Objects with a bit of Flood Soldering and Resin with Kristen Robinson


We all need a wee bit of subtle glamour nestled within the bounty of our treasure boxes, soldered treasures are just the thing. Gorgeous layers of luscious silver surround a solder embedded object in each of the two pieces we will be creating in class. The piece the sits upon a delicate filigree that enhances the depth of the centerpiece while embedded rhinestones surround the unique pendant. Custom chain composed of signature links we will solder as well as a plethora of beads will also be created.

After attending this 3.5 hour class, you will walk away with a new understanding of manipulating solder, pouring resin into non conventional open backed bezels, custom chain creation and design insight that is applicable to an array of both jewelry and art projects.

Date/time: 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Friday, February 7

Class fee: $67, Kit fee: $15


Kristen Robinson To learn more about Kristen visit To see her Rue Romantique Line click here.



Skeleton Against a Harvest Moon

Are you planning Halloween? Did you know you can use spices from your kitchen cupboard in ICE Resin? Here is a simple necklace that combines both!


Halloween jewelry

Need more Halloween ideas? Check out:

Eye of Newt necklace by Thespa McLaughlin,

Creepy Boo-tiful Bling  and The Blood Moon from a couple of Art Friends,

Treat yourself to a bit of vintage inspiration.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s necklace by Lexi Grenzer. We assure you, it will be a completely awesome HOOT!


Tomorrow is our Team’s Mixed Media Jewelry webinar!

Hope you can make it!

Mixed CPS_IceResinWebinar-851x315 (1)

Click here to register or cut and paste the link below into your browser.

Elegant Lamp Pull by Jo Jones

Kristen Robinson

Vintage Jewelry plus  ICE Resin® plus   Rue Romantique Bezels plus   Rhinestone Chain =

lamp pull ice resin

Jo Jones


Mixed Media Silk Bookmarks for My Daughter by Susan M Walls

My daughter, Adalee, is an avid reader and likes pretty things but not in an over the top way. She loved all the Rue Romantique bezels but was hesitant to want to wear them as any kind of jewelry or on her person in some way. Although her Mother (me), thought they’d look super cute as earrings or a wrist cuff, she declined. Mom had to get creative and come up with other “girlie” things she will like but in more subtle ways.

She’s a funny girl and is never without a book so these smart bookmarks are perfect for her.

Rue Romantique bookmarks

And since she’s always in the midst of at least two books at a time there is a need for more than one “girlie” piece. Mom made three, just to be sure!

Rue Romantique Bookmarks

Five different Rue Romantique bezels (open and closed back), three to four inch strips of fabric (I used raw silks but you can choose really any fabric), silk, velvet, and fiber ribbons, vintage dictionary pages and words, embroidery and regular threads, sewing machine, ICE Resin® and all necessary items to mix and use it, ModgePodge, quartz, pearl, and plastic beads, clasp end findings, glue brushes, glitter.

(Carol the bibliophile jumping in here: Clearly Susan could not resist making a few more bookmarks! I am in love, love, love. I have so many books these would look lovely in! Bye! I need to stop blogging and go make bookmarks!)

Rue Romantique Bookmarks

Susan M Walls

Susan’s Art Circus

Kristen Robinson

Chic Pink, a Rue Romantique Necklace by Thespa McLaughlin

Kristen RobinsonTo make this Chic Pink necklace I first poured pink German Glass Glitter  into the Large Botanical Rectangle Bezel, one of the the new products in Kristen Robinson’s Rue Romantique Line, to form a thin layer.

Next, I sprinkled a mix of pink glass seed beads over the glitter.

I then mixed and poured ICE Resin® and flooded the entire bezel top with the resin making sure to use a toothpick to push displaced glitter back into the center.

Once dried, I glued a vintage rhinestone earring, with the back removed, over the ICE Resin® with E-6000 jewelry adhesive.

Rue Romantique JewelryI used wire wrapping techniques to create a beaded chain to match the completed bezel.

Hope you have an amazing creative day!

Thespa McLaughlin

Vintiquities Workshop

I Spy a Filigree

Brooch or fur clip,

Broken or intact,

Lesley Venable shares why you should always give an old or vintage piece of jewelry a second look:

And… it is Double Tech Tuesday. Comment about this post  on our Facebook page and be entered to win a prize. You can also check out this video and comment for another chance to win.

Baby’s First Christmas

This ornament was inspired by a vintage style Christmas tree and the need for a contemporary ornament that fit that style. It was also inspired by the use of a silver napkin ring as a bezel. The ornament has 2 sides, the one with the vintage baby picture and the other side has a vintage rhinestone brooch shaped like a snowflake embedded in ICE Resin. The heart bezel drop has glittered scrapbook paper, words cut from a dictionary, and a vintage rhinestone button.

Thespa McLaughlin

Vintiquities Workshop

ice resin christmas



Baby’s First Christmas Ornament starting with a Found Object by Thespoena McLaughlin

Got silver napkin rings?

Thespoena show you how to make a magnet, a knob and a delightfully vintage baby’s first Christmas ornament.

Vintiquities Workshop is where you can find more of Thespa’s creative arts!

Now through Dec. 15, one winner each day will get a bonus bag of Industrial Chic with their order in the ICE Resin store!

JoAnna Pierotti transitions to ICE Resin® Special Projects

We are pleased to announce that JoAnna Pierotti has agreed to transition from our 2011-2012 Creative Team to our 2012-13 Special projects Team.

ice resinJoAnna Pierotti is a full time working mixed media artist who finds joy in creating art dolls, assemblage, working with metal and vintage tattered fibers and lace. She has a passion for teaching. Joanna is a down-to-earth kind of gal, who enjoys the classroom energy.

Her work has been published in numerous publications including Art Making, Collections and Obsessions, Exhibition 36 , A Charming Exchange and The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed.  Her work has been collected all over the world.

Joanna grew up in New England, transplanted to Southern California in 1973 and presently lives in Arizona with her husband, Ron, of 22 years and their new pup, Willow.

You can discover more about JoAnna on her Moss Hill Studio blog.

Earrings the Moon would be proud to wear

Legend has it that a man looked into the water of an evening and mistook the moon’s reflection for a wheel of cheese.

Was it green? Blue? White? Yellow?

Whatever flavor or hue you appreciate cheese and for all you moon lovers, we invite you to delight in these funky “Man in the Moon” earrings created by Terry Matuszyk.

ice resinToo fun!

Terry began with ICE Resin® cabs filled with agate chips, then used additional resin to adhere the cabs to vintage plastic dangles. She enhanced the earrings with a little touch of chocolate ox brass in the form of the moons.

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