Skeleton Against a Harvest Moon

Are you planning Halloween? Did you know you can use spices from your kitchen cupboard in ICE Resin? Here is a simple necklace that combines both!


Halloween jewelry

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Treat yourself to a bit of vintage inspiration.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s necklace by Lexi Grenzer. We assure you, it will be a completely awesome HOOT!


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Elegant Lamp Pull by Jo Jones

Kristen Robinson

Vintage Jewelry plus  ICE Resin® plus   Rue Romantique Bezels plus   Rhinestone Chain =

lamp pull ice resin

Jo Jones


Mixed Media Silk Bookmarks for My Daughter by Susan M Walls

My daughter, Adalee, is an avid reader and likes pretty things but not in an over the top way. She loved all the Rue Romantique bezels but was hesitant to want to wear them as any kind of jewelry or on her person in some way. Although her Mother (me), thought they’d look super cute as earrings or a wrist cuff, she declined. Mom had to get creative and come up with other “girlie” things she will like but in more subtle ways.

She’s a funny girl and is never without a book so these smart bookmarks are perfect for her.

Rue Romantique bookmarks

And since she’s always in the midst of at least two books at a time there is a need for more than one “girlie” piece. Mom made three, just to be sure!

Rue Romantique Bookmarks

Five different Rue Romantique bezels (open and closed back), three to four inch strips of fabric (I used raw silks but you can choose really any fabric), silk, velvet, and fiber ribbons, vintage dictionary pages and words, embroidery and regular threads, sewing machine, ICE Resin® and all necessary items to mix and use it, ModgePodge, quartz, pearl, and plastic beads, clasp end findings, glue brushes, glitter.

(Carol the bibliophile jumping in here: Clearly Susan could not resist making a few more bookmarks! I am in love, love, love. I have so many books these would look lovely in! Bye! I need to stop blogging and go make bookmarks!)

Rue Romantique Bookmarks

Susan M Walls

Susan’s Art Circus

Kristen Robinson

Chic Pink, a Rue Romantique Necklace by Thespa McLaughlin

Kristen RobinsonTo make this Chic Pink necklace I first poured pink German Glass Glitter  into the Large Botanical Rectangle Bezel, one of the the new products in Kristen Robinson’s Rue Romantique Line, to form a thin layer.

Next, I sprinkled a mix of pink glass seed beads over the glitter.

I then mixed and poured ICE Resin® and flooded the entire bezel top with the resin making sure to use a toothpick to push displaced glitter back into the center.

Once dried, I glued a vintage rhinestone earring, with the back removed, over the ICE Resin® with E-6000 jewelry adhesive.

Rue Romantique JewelryI used wire wrapping techniques to create a beaded chain to match the completed bezel.

Hope you have an amazing creative day!

Thespa McLaughlin

Vintiquities Workshop

I Spy a Filigree

Brooch or fur clip,

Broken or intact,

Lesley Venable shares why you should always give an old or vintage piece of jewelry a second look:

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